Head, Shoulder and Body Mounts

Impala $862.00

Chacma Baboon $1500.00

American Bison $2,800.00

Vervet Monkey $684.00


All of our mounted heads and full body mounts are crafted by some of the best professional taxidermists available.

We take pride in only supplying lifelike mounts for the most discerning of buyers.

The animals sourced from farms, government culling programmes and sometimes even zoos.  The government culling programmes ensure the survival of managed herds of wildlife so that through over-population they don’t die of starvation.

As in a lot of  African countries the culling programmes have been a saviour for the indigenous populations who used to illegally poach the wildlife.  It has provided them with an appreciation for wildlife and employment and food.

No part or by-product of any animal from these strictly controlled culls is wasted as everything now has a value, whether to the local or overseas markets.

Head & Shoulder Mounts
IMPALA $   862.00
KUDU $1,560.00
NYALA $1,425.00
SPRINGBOK $   525.00
GEMSBOK/ORYX $1,450.00