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XXL Chacma Baboon



XXL Baboon complete with his teeth Skull 24 cm long x 14 cm high. Missing one molar

Comes complete with CITES certificate

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Product Description

The chacma baboon is also known as the Cape baboon. It is one of the largest of all monkeys and is perhaps the longest species of monkey. It is located primarily in southern Africa.

The chacma baboon is an omnivore with a preference for fruits, while also eating insects, seeds, grass, smaller vertebrate animals, and fungi. It is generally a scavenger when it comes to game meat, and rarely engages in hunting large animals.

The chacma baboon usually lives in social groups, called troops, which are composed of multiple adult males, adult females, and their offspring. Occasionally, however, very small groups form that consist of only a single adult male and several adult females.