About Us

Skulls and Skins imports almost everything it sells, so we take pride in the quality of the products we provide.

Gone are the days when animals in the wild were seen as being only worth the value of a trophy in some Gentleman’s Club.  Poaching of animals has still not been totally eradicated, but the poacher is more  endangered than the wild animal, with most Governments employing armed Wildlife patrols to protect their wildlife and shoot poachers on sight.

The Skulls  and Skins which we sell are all obtained from Government sanctioned and strictly controlled culling operations.

Although a large number of animals throughout the world are threatened with dwindling population numbers and extinction, there are numerous other animals which have overpopulated large areas of countryside and are dying out due to overgrazing and then starvation.

These are the source of a lot of the products ‘Skulls and Skins” sells.  It should be noted that nothing goes to waste as the meat, etc supplies a whole new economy amongst the local indigenous populations.  These people in a lot of the areas used to rely on poaching to survive.  Now they are able to make an honest and reliable income from a sustainable and renewble resource, which before they only saw as a short time gain.

Skulls and skins which are not obtained from wild animals are obtained from animals that are farmed in various countries.